made live+ payment twice

[details=Summary]@david i made the payment to live+ 2 times and it came only once. i wonder can you issue the refund of 1 of my payment please. the documents are in Thai language, so if you need it i will try to find it in English.
name. bally vasin stark
call sign. Z99 [/details]

I think you have to contact either IF support or david


Which IOS did you buy it from? on apple you can just request a refund on Report a problem


How to get a refund using iTunes on Mac or Windows
Launch iTunes on either your Mac or Windows PC.
Click on your name at the top and in the dropdown select Account Info.
Type in your password when prompted in order to proceed.
Click on See All under your Purchase History.

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You’ll get 2 years live+
Just leave it.

Sometimes people can’t afford to spend that extra $50, especially if there was no intentions on spending $100 on IF.


I’am new here…
how can i contact david or support? thanks

I didn’t buy it on app, i bought it on website.
how can i contact IF support? i’am new here… thanks @Bally_Vasin_Stark

I had the same problem earlier this week! Just got it resolved! Did you get an error code message when you tried to buy it the first time?

nope… no error massage.
after the payment was done, I check the login page and nothing happen. did you paid twice?

I did pay twice, however, it was because of an error message. Just got my refund a few days ago. Might be something wrong with their website.

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