made it into southwest VA

I made into southwest virtual! I’m so happy. When flying southwest my callsign will be SWA575. Any other airline is (airline) 575. Happy landings!


Congratulations! Is that your first VA?

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yes it is my first VA


Congrats!! Haha! I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun in the VA :)

thanks @Transport_Hub it looks like its you birthday happy birthday!

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Congratulations! I hope to see you flying soon :D

i DEFINITLY will be doing southwest flights

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Congratulations on being accepted into Southwest VA! You will absolutely love it!

Unfortunately, you can’t make a thread saying that you got in. Maybe you can post that on Southwest’s thread.

PM @CaptJackson on Slack to get set up.

Congrats Riley! Enjoy it as much as you can, can be one of the best things you experience in Infintie Flight. ;)

Congratulations! I am also a proud member there and I cant say enough you made a fantastic choice! I love the professionalism and how realistic it is. Cant wait to see you there! I am actually flying right now for them as we speak as well. Cant stop flying! Ughh!

And yes. I would follow what @BigBert10 just said. Try to post this on there respected Thread. Thanks!

thanks what route are you currently flying?

I just landed at KLAX from KSFO. I’m preparing for another flight KLAX-KSJC.

I am currently flying KSAN-KDEN. If you would like to see my full schedule please PM me. Would love to show you what flights I have done!

@BigBert10 nice how come u didn’t fly from KSJC lol

You dare to go to KSFO! @BigBert10 no way!

I think you can fly wherever you would like. I don’t think there is a rule for that. Ill check

Nevermind, I thought of something different XD

Congratulations. Hope you enjoy our VA Community :)