Made A New Trailer

I made a simple trailer for Infinite Flight. It’s very long but I tried to include most of the planes, regions, and features. Enjoy!


Good job, it’s really cool

Hey, I woukd add “fan made” at the end of the title on YouTube so it doesn’t mislead people to thinking this is the official trailer. Just a suggestion!


I added it to the description, thanks for the suggestion!

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One word


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Awesome video! I have two suggestions though:
1: When you use your timelapse parts of the video, take those recordings from the Expert Server instead, that way, you don’t see planes landing and taking off into each other. ;)
2. Use the new Infinite Flight logo at the end!

Other than that, great video! :)


Really nice

Please remove the trailer bit on the video and put my version or something as this is not a official trailer thanks.

Yours isn’t official either… ?

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I have never made a “Trailer” for IF ever.

His point is to put it is fan made not the offic trailer at the end

My bad, I misunderstood when he said to put “my version” on there.

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