Made a mushup video for a unfortunate youth that passed away

Hello, this is CannedPig.
Today I made a video to remember a 19-year-old youth that passed away on Sept. 10th, Who known as “The Rose Youth”. He is a student of a famous college of arts, and he was good at dancing, when he was alive, he had won many awards and even participated in the 2022 CCTV Spring Festival Gala, but unfortunately, he was treated unfairly by his teachers and classmates due to unknown reasons, he was being strong to face these things until the last second of his live.
I think it’s time to let more people knows and speak for him. So as an IF player and standing at the angle of aviators, I made this video, hope everyone can spare a little time to watch this, thank you!

  • Taken for some replays of my IF Game.
  • All scenes of the video are in ES.



Very good video