Mad Winds @ South Amsterdam region

EBBR is at 30G40, EBCI at 26G45, and EHEH at 30G40 as well :)

Gonna be down there in a spit…


What server?

Alls servers mate!👍

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Wow ! I thought EGKK this morning was bad …

Thanks for tipoff , coming online now !

EBBR was really bad, I was taxiing and I saw @AtomicHerbster4 go around twice, he’s still there right now. I landed my 77W at 100kts 😂

Just managed to land on 3rd attempt. First 2 were on 25L and was too high and too fast for both approaches, then tried rwy 20 and landed just about successfully 1st time. Winds gusted to 49kts at one point…absolute nightmare for landing. 😯

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Come to Brussels and watch me struggle with my SR-22 (Casual)

im at brussels expert server going to eham

Thank god we had the IFO event yesterday.

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I was controlling at EDDL and was very funny to watch!

I was remaining in the pattern, it’s always difficult to land in those winds!

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Amsterdam coast was vad today. They expected winds that were going up to 80 km/h.

Just had a super bumpy flight from Cologne to Amsterdam. I had to go around because of shifting winds. It was all great fun, though. :)

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