Mad Props @ OPGT - 310600ZJAN31

Small airport, big mountains!! This is one of my all-time favorite airports to visit in flight sims. I’m in the tower now. Stop by!

Aircraft and Livery:

Runway 5394 ft, so this one’s for the props.

Cessna 172
Cessna 208
Dash- Q400
Super Decathlon
Spitfire Mk VIII


Continuing service to be determined upon arrival

Time of Departure: I will be in the tower from 0500 until 0600. Come fly around and enjoy the scenery! 0600 roll out.

Server: Training, so anybody can joinScreenshot_20190131-003602


Descend into the valley at BUNGI towards DELDA. At DELDA, follow the valley to OPGT. Head straight towards the mountain, beginning your turn into Rwy 25 at the last moment.

This youtube video shows the approach and landing:

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OPCH-OPSD departing at 0715z

Still going.


Wheels up at 0850z

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Wow, the scenery is stunning here. I will definitely fly more in this area!

Glad you like it!

I’ll switch back to the Dash at OPMF and head back to OPGT for the final leg.

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This was a nice flight! Thanks

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