Mad Props 2: Tiger Leaping Gorge@ ZPLJ - 030230ZAPR19

Back again for another exciting group flight through great scenery in remote locations. This route is full of twists and turns with massive mountains towering on both sides in the Tiger Leaping Gorge along the Jinsha River in Southwest China.

  • Aircraft and Livery: Propellers only

  • Route: [Spawn at 02 and taxi to parking] Take off from Rwy 20 (ideally) and depart north. Go over mountain and descend towards Jinsha River. Intercept the river and follow through the gorge. Bear right at the initial fork. I like to stay about 2000 AGL in the gorge, but altitude changes frequently.

  • Time of Departure: 0230z

  • Server: Expert

I have been recently ghosted from violations I would love to attend but it’s on expert if you can change i will attend

On my way!!!

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Can you lead please

You’re gonna love this!

Best route in Infinite Flight

Where are you?


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