Out on old reliable, my CARAVAN (Ouality 007) late afternoon yesterday looking for “Adventure” in the Carib! Kicked the sortie off at Osborn (sic) I think it was, parked in a corner of the Two Spot adjacent to the runway plane spotting and monitoring the towers comm’s. Sweet!!! Dan the Man was the Tower Operator and he was movin & shaken! A full pattern doin T&G’s, Fighters, GA, Reginals and Heavy’s in and out in an orderly fashion. Beautiful to watch, the Conductor was leading the Orcastra!. Expedited out of the “O” on 10 between arrivals. I was off down range for the Princess. Looking for a quick trip and fast recovery cause the bride had dinner almost ready. I punched it having filed for a short final at Pricess 10. Checked in with Approach VFR. When I got about 45 mi out I surveyed the Radar Plot and noted a full house on deck and “Them” buzzing around like a angry bee’s. Monitoring the tower I noted the Operator ( missed the name in my rush) was hearding an unruly stampede. Refiled for Gran Casse ( Note: need a Comm Menu fix here, both Princess & Casse menu audio call signs match; caught by the sharpe Controller) Asked Approch for following (I did’ want to get stung by the unruly bees). The refill took me north outside Princess airspace with a right hook into Grand Casses space which is contained within the Princess inner ring). Center vectored me once for Safety then I checked out and hooked up with Princess Tower for an expedited Transition/Freq Chg for Grand Cass and got home just in time for dinner. My bride says Thanks ATC, this was the first time I was on time for a while, (she didn’t calls me an IF Freek this time, kudo’s ATC) Hell I’d rather fly IF than eat! ( I assure you the wife takes precedence some of the time). Advanced ATC is the bee’s knees! Just another Lovelly day in the IF neighborhood, Ya gotta Lov it! Mad Max Sends
(NOTE: 0/0 Wx…London Luton (EGGW) approach situated in inundating terrain was almost 0/0 last night. Dense Fog, Ceiling 700’AGL. Airport 525’msl. Runway 8 in sight 3/4 mile in wisps, ILS CAT III for sure. This was the place for Auto-Land if your had a heavy strapped on. A fun ride, hands on in a 208!)

I am not sure about this, are you saying the fog celing was at 700ft? If so below 700ft was there fog which meant you couldn’t see anything? What did the METAR say exactly?

For a 737 CAT I minima at EGGW 08 are DA of 715ft and RVR 750m. Runway elevation is 515ft. MSA I think is 2200ft.

@ATK … Flying a Caravan, poorly stated, don’t relate well with Trash Haulers.
So without the “Book” & Flips I don’t have the minimums or tech data at hand. Bottom line, Visibility obscured all the way to the deck. Broke out at 3/4 of a mile in parting wisps at 700’. Did’t copy the METAR but it was “Red”. Want technically correct read the Aviation Journal! Who lov’s ya…I write love stories. Mad Max Sends

Ok. Based on your comments I am still not entirely sure what the situation was. I also wasn’t sure about the “0/0” comment you made on visibility, I don’t think I am familiar with what that means and it doesn’t sound like a measure used in METARs - they usually quote cloud bases in ft and RVRs for low visibility.

The charts are easily obtianed. Just do a google search on “EGGW charts” and there should be a few you can find to download and look at.

@ATK… Enough! I’m not up to another argument over minutia. Wanna play gotya go find a soft target. (In my world 0/0 means you can’ see a D## thing and I don’t have the time or patience to research for a sketch in time))
Gooday! Mad Max Sends.

Oh, ok. I was just asking and discussing. I am sorry you feel that there was some argument, certainly I can’t see where you got that impression.

Whenever I see something I am not sure about I like to ask and understand - that’s how I learn, hence the question about the 0/0 thing as I thought it may be some way of describing visibility pilots use which I didn’t know about.

I am sorry you are upset by the questions.

(@ATK ). Sorry Alex, I’m just getting gun shy. From the tone and phraseology i puckered. I mix up jargon, with my military background It’s just a trait that will always appear in my writing style, it can get confusing. My history on this Forum is rife with controversy. Some intentional, just bait hoping for a quick bite/strike. It comes with the territory. Take me with a grain of salt, what you see is what you get. I live with it, you don’t have to. Lesson Learned, really sorry for the go!
Regards, Max

@ATK… Lest I forget the basic question. “0/0” back in the day in the Marine Air Groups I was involved with 0/0 described an inversion period were visibility was nil and no wind was decernable . Did a lot of close air support at the time so when you coordinated with an Artillery Forward Observer or Troops in contact Commander we used short hand as a common language. Brevity in voice comm’s was also a norm. It worked, everybody involved understood the jargon and bombs or guns got on the target. Hope that was clear. Max Sends