"Mad Max Sends"; An Interim Solution for the Playground Vaudeville !

The goal of the playground is to create a scenario where pilots and ATC can practice. Not know what you’re doing is one thing and does not cause many problems. However people who purposely sit in the runway and don’t move are what we’re trying to stop.

I feel the first step in the right direction is to increase the accessibility of the report button. This should be a last resort

@Tyler_Shelton… Max Sez’s, you’ve done a great job with the advanced, kudos, Mr. Shelton. The Key to correcting the Playground problem is similar to the problem faced by the airline pioneers as the sky’s got crowded. The establishment of an encompassing governing body. We call it the FAA today.
IF has a semi-structure in place which could ezly correct the currant disruptive playground situation, Your ATC Training Establishment. All I’m saying is the shoe fits, wear it. Step up or pass the buck…

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Do you think pilots are reporting these users enough?

I am very familiar with the FAA and would love to see an IFAA someday. If we are enforcing the same rules on the playground and advanced, then why have two servers?

I really am trying to understand. I see users call for order, but continue to fly on the playground, knowing they can find order and knowledgable controllers on the advanced server. What is keeping users on the playground that seek realism and maturity?


No I don’t that’s why I advocate for the report button to be easily accessible.

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“Max ask’s”. Note the title change! Do your duties remain unchanged?

@Carson where would you place the button or how would you make it more accessible? I agree it could be easier to report.

All of our titles were changed to staff. I am still the ATC Community Manager. I noticed that change yesterday too!

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Please see the thread I just linked above. I feel before we start adding anything like a “patrol” or moderators with a “hammer” this should be our first action.


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Yes, that is correct. A group of advanced controllers donating their time to clean things up. It is very doable Tyler.


To Tyler’s point: every pilot’s aspiration should be to fly on the advanced server if they want a realistic experience. And every controller’s aspiration should be to control on the advanced server.

So to me, the spirit of the playground server is just a place where you learn the ATC commands, menus etc, and where you can accumulate XP’s - both for pilots and controllers. Anybody above the min requirement flying on the free or playground servers should do it for only one reason: to be able to break the rules and have fun. But they shouldn’t complain about the quality of service on these servers.

Some will probably argue: “Yes, but I fly on playground because there aren’t enough ATC on advanced!”. The anwer to this is simple: it is not reasonable to compare the number of controllers on playground to the number of controllers on advanced, simply because of the testing process etc.

So in a nutshell:

  • Are you unhappy of the playground server as a pilot? Earn some XP and come fly on advanced, it’s easy. There will be less controllers, but anyway if you were flying on the playground server you would be complaining about the quality of service there…
  • Are you unhappy of the playground server as a controller? Learn the ropes, take the test, and come help us on the advanced server!
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Seb, I began the program and controllers qualified from the start. In no way does a candidate need to be perfect, but there are very basic concepts that we look for. Timely response, sequencing, issuing correct clearances, etc. For a while we retested users after one week and found that there was no improvement. Testers volunteer their time and test nearly 10 users a day. This time can quickly add up… Imagine if we retested new users and retests with no improvement? It wouldn’t be fair to waste their time.

As for training, there are many resources and controllers available to help for those who want it. We will continue to better this system overall and I am starting with a complete ATC manual which will cover everything ATC A-Z. I am looking forward to providing the tools for everyone to reach the same knowledge level!


Easy fix! Advanced controller sends the pilot back to parking and the runway is clear.


There would be even less advanced controllers on the advanced servers if they had to control on playground. The common goal of the community should be for both pilots and controllers to reach the required experience to play on the advanced server - and in the meantime, the free and playground servers are there for pilots and controllers working toward this goal.

The number one reason for more traffic on PG is because of the lack of controllers on advanced. People want to fly where all of the controllers are. Also, people want to fly with other people so there again is the reason for more traffic on PG.


Our numbers have increased by roughly 10-15 per week. I will continue to stand by quality over quantity. I can’t wait to see our number reach what the playground has! Keep in mind, ATC/Live is still very young. 😊


I can remember the days when there was barely any traffic on advanced and you were lucky if there were 3 controllers. Now I often see at least seven. Tower ground approach and others.


Me too! We started with 30… Now over 200! 😊 Those early days were rough for sure.