"Mad Max Sends"; An Interim Solution for the Playground Vaudeville !

Having watched, commented on and commiserated with the volunteer novice & trainee Controllers who attempt to learn the ropes on the Playground for what seem ages, it’s time to take action! In my studied opinion the community is feed up with the untutored & malcontents Pilots who disrupt Playground Operations 24 hours a day. The Advanced Controller has a hammer, the “Ghost”! Used judicially the Ghost, a form of tough love, brings order to all phases of operation on the Advance Server “most” of the time. The interim solution which I’ve proposed in the past which can be implemented with minimal re-Programing on the Playground Server is the “Return To Parking” hammer in the hands of the Playground Controller! The “Return to Parking” Fungtion is programmed and presently available in the Crash Senario. Add the coding for the procedure to the Playground Controllers Dashboard! Shazam, A Playground Controller Hammer! No time out, no loss of score or status for the novice or malcontent! Just an inconvenience, a required restart and wake up call, Return the miscreants to Parking!! We true believers just want to fly without distraction or disruption by the great unwashed! End


When that button comes?

Max, this is a good idea, but won’t solve the problem. A pilot troll will find great pleasure in becoming a controller troll and send everyone back to parking at his leasure… How do you ensure this is not abused?

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I like this idea but believe that a “return to parking” hammer should only be in the hands of advanced controllers. Assign playground duty to a group of advanced controllers and set up shop. Playground duty would obviously be voluntary but never the less be advanced controllers only.

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@lollip… “Mad Max” sez’s Spamming Trolls are ezly identified. Spam, Wham!
The Wham comes from ATC management they own it, there responsible to police there own. Anybody in a Controller seat is the responsibility of the ATC IF establishment. They must police there own as efficiently as they “Police” the Pilot Community! End

Info: @Chancho. @Carson

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Sure but ATC “management” is only responsible for advanced ATC controllers. How would they monitor playground in practice? The reason this works on the advanced server is that advanced controllers are tested beforehand, there is a rulebook, and the number of controllers is limited by nature.

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Then you have the same problem as now

Maybe there most come a special team for this

I have heard you say this for months. It would be great, but as @lollip said there’s no reason someone couldn’t log into ATC and ghost for no reason. You’ve seen advanced server unnecessary ghosting reports. Just wait…

@lollip “Max” sez’s, Looks like it’s time to expand ATC managements responsibility!
(Yr comment is a surprise to me! Now I know what the underlying Playground Problem is; Lack of Leadership! With the Title comes responsibility, Truman said “The buck stops here”. Please remove the Laurels from the Crown, only half the ATC’s job is done!)

That’s great in theory, but who is going to manage and how are we going to choose who does it? And how is management going to stop ‘trolls’ from sending everyone back to parking?

@DS2001… You got it… A Trained Controller team to lead & instruct!


How is this team going to communicate?

Only advanced ATC would have this ability. Not just any controller.

@Carson… Your answers are addressed above. Pls read all my remarks.
This is first & foremost an ATC Problem. Let the ATC establishment correct & police “Thier” problem.

Absolutely! Sky Moderators.

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Slack or something like that

Just like they do now: slack.

The playground ATC is open to everyone. How are you going to manage everyone who controls? You want everyone to communicate on something like Slack? Also I am confused about who will be given the hammer. Is it anyone who logs into ATC on playground or just certified people?

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Just a certified team of advanced controllers who communicate through slack.