macOS version, when? Run IF on MacBook M1. 2 years later

2 years since apple release ios game support


See Cameron’s response here :)

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Topic closed. This is new one will be

The statement from Cameron still stands as of today, they are focused on mobile devices.

So, it’s better to use x-plane 11 or Microsoft Flight simulator?

If you wish to play Flight Simulators on PCs, that would probably be your best choice. Infinite Flight is only supported on Moblie devices.

Is infinite flight afraid to lose face on MacBook? Compare to x-plane 11 or Microsoft Flight simulator 2021?

I assume it would be more down to technical limitations 🙂

The developers aren’t required to disclose a reason

As I know some members from the community already test IF on M1 MacBook. Works fine

If that’s the case, it’s not an official version, and it won’t be optimised.

You are welcome to try and run it, or do as you wish, but the developers have expressed that the simulator will remain mobile only for the time being, and I’m sure they have their reasons.

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I can’t download it to my macbook. Developers just close this function on appstore

Well then that’s how it is, and how it’ll stay for now 🙂

When is unknown