macOS Catalina

So I heard that one of the mac os catalina features are that ipad apps will be available on macbooks does that mean that Infinite flight will be available too ??

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I doubt it.

IF is a mobile game, and was never really meant for Computers. The Devs would’ve needed to do a lot of work, which they are already on with the current aircraft in the works.

In the future maybe, but with all the pressure that’s on the devs currently I don’t think it’s coming anytime soon.

Currently, the only mobile featured games that would be available on Catalina would be ones featured on Apple Arcade. Apple Arcade is a subscription service where you would pay $5 a month for access to all the games.

Whether or not IF is meant to be played on desktops, you would essentially be paying $5 a month on top of the $10 a month service that is required to access IF multiplayer serves to be able to play IF through the MacOS Catalina Apple Arcade.

I think they will add other games like on iphone not all games will be arcade + update is still not available

No. Your iPad with iPadOS 13 will be able to be your Mac screen

No that doesn’t mean IF will be available too, however with Catalina developers get the possibility to port their apps for Mac.
So it will be easier for them to make them run apps on both systems, but doesn’t mean that all apps will be available immediately.

I don’t think IF will do this, because there will be probably a lot of challenges.
As well they are much better things were IF have to focus on. The group of mobile users will be way bigger than people that want to play it on Mac.

Apple announced that in the current Xcode 11 betas they are bringing a new way to port a native iOS iPad app to macOS.

Starting with macOS Catalina, developers can easily port their iPad apps to the Mac.

“easily” will be probably for simple apps which only have simple touch inputs.

The key word here is XCode. I do not believe IF is built with XCode, it is written in C# (I’m pretty sure), not swift or objective-c, so conversion would be difficult (requiring much new code)

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