Machuka Airfield- Station code: VE67

Spread the word!! I happened to stumble across this Airfield in India- Machuka-VE67 a very challenging 4,000 strip is in a high narrow mountain top in a valley. Flown the Dash 8-400 and definitely extreme environment and wind conditions. Definitely all should check this out!! It’s not the ordinary Airfield and pretty challenging and cool to operate out of!!


Jeff A Cross

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This seems more like a terrain glitch. I think the airport editing team should get this looked at

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I believe this is the same airport. Seen this video on YouTube recently. Have a look! Definitely going to have to take a look at this airport soon! Cheers

That appears to be the X-Plane file so the elevation is probably incorrect.


It does look like a fun airport. Hopefully the elevation gets fixed because I would love to try this one out ;)

Yeah seemed like it may be a graphics issue. I just did some research on google regarding the field. Definitely unique, and in a valley, but definitely not on a mountain Top. It’s actually a small Indian military base that handles Antonio-32 aircraft bringing in supplies to a hard to reach region!

I’m looking at this now with a fellow airport editor @Ryan_E

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Howdy y’all,

After some research, we have determined that the airport’s elevation is correct per navigational charts, and that it’s position is relatively correct. This means that the terrain mesh in the surrounding areas is likely off (looks like about 1000 feet). Unfortunately, this means that there is nothing to be done from an airport editing standpoint.

Thanks for the report,


Airport Editing Something or Other


That’s too bad. Oh well. This would be a fun airport to land at.

Just to add on to what Ryan said. There’s isn’t a whole lot from what I have seen utilizing the imagery tools we use for airport editing. It’s pretty much a runway with no real taxiway(s) just some turn off toward the middle of the runway and the ends have some wide turnarounds.



Who doesn’t love a good challenge? Even though it’s off doesn’t mean that we still can’t fly to it. This will be great for a hard approach. 😛

Yeah it’s different for sure. Definitely a fun challenge. Already operated a couple different aircraft on the field, landing is cool and challenging, good practice anyway!

Would you be able too, and totaly hypothetical, lower it to match the terrain? Becuais I immagin the terrain is darn near imposible to change, so sure it wouldn’t be 100% realistic, but I would personally notace an airport that looked like that more than one that was off of it’s real elevation…

Just a thought, no problem if that is not possible…

While it’s theoretically possible, there are 2 main issues with the idea. One is that it goes against editing protocol to fix airports for an issue with IF itself, so I would need some specific instruction to do that. The other is that it requires a lot of play testing/crashing to figure out which elevation to set.

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Saw this post and went to see for myself

Landed an A318 on there from nearby VEAN but I had to go around, and approach was pretty fast.

Just saying you could, not really that you should

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