“Machine Induced/Automatic Daily Landing Count Reduction”!!! Recommended FDS Review/Rework.

MaxSez: I’ve been loosing more Landing counts than I gain!
I’m now 25 Landings Down and Lost a Grade because of this programs algorithm/procedure which automatically reduces landing count daily. It needs a post Global review/rework. I’ve been doing Global long hauls which generates very few bounces (Landing/TO evolutions). Global’s introduction has changed the logic employed in the original landing count procedure. The present auto landing count reduction is patently out dated and unfair.

We all recognize Touch and Go’s are a necessity for proficiency. But inducing make up T&G’s for count catch up and satisfy an outdated machine monster is IF tough love at its best and unacceptable. I believe it time for FDS to relook at this necessary feature and the logic used in its development. The introduction of Global has changed the playing field. I suggest an FDS member friendly relook at this morale/make work killer. The landing count should reflect Global International Operations not the “Old Reginal Approach”! What say you Members?


Every landing you made, is counted individual. Infinite Flight counts al those landings and shows you the total landings. So if you make 2 landings today, they will be removed after 90 days from the total. If you are inactive the 90 days.

@DS2001. MaxSez: Algorithm or 90 day count it makes no difference. Odviously you have not noted the almost daily machine reduction to the count which decrement the count exponentiall since the intro of Global. It need a relook/rework or logical explanation of how the daily decrement relates to lost flying days or long hauls. Global has impacted this procedure, it requires FDS attention.Regards

(@DS2001, Yr comment noted. Change in context accomplished)

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Yeah, he knows, that’s what hr means by “the algorithm” ;)

EDIT:nvm he changed it

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IMHO…The system of ranking is off the rails. For all the chatter about “realism in the sim”, I can pile up points by starting a flight, setting my alarm clock, and going nite-nite. How realistic is that?

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