Machet's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hello guys I applied for IFATC. But I want to practise my ATC skills. So tomorrow I will be active on an airport and you guys can do some pattern so I can practise for the IFATC practical exam! It would be nice if I get 7 pilots! Please sign in here and see you tomorrow!

Time : 08:30 am ZULU
Time of ATC : 30 minutes pattern

Practise : ATC skills with patterns. Like go around, resequence, sequencing, turn next taxiway, ground conflicts etc.

I hope I’ll get 7 pilots for tomorrow! Cya

Airport : Unavailable yet. It will be available tomorrow!

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I’d love to attend, however I’m in Cancun right now and the wifi is 💀. I’m flying back tomorrow but I will definitely be available on thursday! Just @ me! Are you assigned a trainer yet?

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Not yet. I even need to make my written exam first. But I just want to practise already before I do written. Because I don’t have a lot of patient to do training sessions etc lol. I first want to look how this will be, if I do EVERYTHING wrong I will take training sessions.

For the written I strongly advise reading the ATC manual, read it over and over and over again. I found that the most helpful. I’ll also link practice tests here, these are unlimited, take them as many times as you want.

For the practical, I strongly recommend enrolling in training. I thought I could do it myself too by watching the perfect ATC test on youtube. The Perfect ATC Test

Watch this video, it’s very helpful. However, once your controlling it feels very different. So that’s why enrolling in training is so helpful. It’s nice that you’ve already started a tracking thread.
Let me know if my have any questions!

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The practical and written won’t be a big problem. Because I’m pretty familar with ATC communication, because I’m a cessna student pilot. So I use it almost every day. But I just want to practise tomorrow if my knowledge also works in Infinite Flight ;)

I would still recommend training, if you mess up during the practical…you could fail. But given your a student pilot, you shouldn’t need too many sessions.

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Written won’t be a problem. I just did 5 times the practise written test and all 100% or 80%

So what’s keeping you from taking the written exam right now?

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Nothing lol. Only that I haven’t enough ATC ops yet… :(. But that will come!

Dang, open KLAX on the training server for a hour or so…it’ll get you those 500 atc ops quickly.

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Thank you! I will do that!

Or EGLL lol

You gotta be quick what that, when i’m loading in, some “controller” just takes it and i’m observing. And you’ll see the “trainees” on that server. I wish there was some consequence for trolling, especially for pilots actually looking to play the game.

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Most of the pilots in training server are just not funny. Like I flown yesterday a nice flight from dubai to los angeles and I landed realy smoothly. Someone flown into me when I was on 1nm final… OOOH GOD

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There should be some consequences for this…it’s getting out of hand sometimes

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