Mach Speed glitches in the Air [Solved]

Dear Infinite Flight,

I was in a flight today from (MMMX - KFLL) cruising at 35,000ft in a B777 - 200ER (Aeromexico Livery). Just looking around in the sky trying to spot other pilots or anything spectacular in the sky, I then check my autopilot just to check it. All of a sudden the Mach speed goes up to [418.40] or something. Obviously this never happened to me so I was very confused. I then disengaged the Autopilot and manually adjusted the speed down to avoid a Violation and an Overspeed warning. Shortly after I engaged the Autopilot speed again to reset the Mach Speed back to normal. My question is if that’s an ongoing glitch that some people or Widely is happening to the community while flying, and if infinite flight is currently trying to fix it. If not is it just a problem that doesn’t usually happen? Let’s try to fix this as soon as we can together with detailed responses and explanations! Thank you for your time!

@Captain_Ian :)

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so if i understand. You were cruising then your speed went to m.418? or it went to 418kts airspeed

Mach 418.30 not mph. That was EXTREMELY weird.

This has never happened to me which is why I came over to the community to verify if this is maybe an ongoing Glitch. Has this happened to you??

maybe it was one time bug. I never heard of anything like this in B772ER

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Well I hope that maybe a Moderator or someone can report this bug to the management team so they can verify that this isn’t an ongoing glitch that some haven’t experienced yet.

Also thank you for your help and dedication to help verify what happened! ;)

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Hello, interesting thing to experience for sure!!!

is it possible to provide a screenshot please?

Thank you in advance!!

he already fixed it by slowing down

Forgot to hit the check mark 😭

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Sounds like you were caught in between a winds aloft updating on the server. That’s most likely why it was brief and didn’t reproduce itself after you readjusted your speed.

Yeah! Also I disengaged the speed from Autopilot so I would have Control over the speed. In result I saved myself from a possible Violation or Overspeed in the Aircraft. Shortly after I was thinking and confused as of what happened, I slowed the Aircraft down to what Mach 0.84’s speed initially was and engaged the speed on autopilot again. This caused the Speed to Recorrect or in other words reset to Mach 0.84. I’m glad I was able to think quickly in that situation! 😪

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