Mach Loop

Can someonr please post a pic of flight plan to the Mach loop in Wales. Really anxious to fly the F22 here but could use some help finding it. Thanks

Have you tried searching it on google maps and then looking at nearby airports to take off from?

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Google is your friend.


Everything I have found suggest taking off from EGOD but having trouble finding it from there

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That’s a really nice map there.

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To get to the Mach loop, I fly towards the waypoint BERUL. I then visually identify the correct valleys.

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Here is a map of the region. I usually enter low level near the towns of Bala, Barmouth or Aberdyfi, since they are located near landmarks which can be seen easily from the air. Bala is located next to a lake, which points roughly in the direction of the northern end of the loop. Barmouth and Aberdyfi are near estuaries, which are also easily visible. Once in low level, it is quite helpful to know which valleys make up the loop in advance, since there is no time to study a map when you’re travelling at 420 knots 250 feet above ground.


I have found it and have flown it, just how they do in the real world. I flew it with @Chatta290 briefly, he’s my witness. I can take you there if you want. It’s hard to explain it’s location via words.


@Ben. @Laura_Murphy… MaxSez: Great grafics of the Loop. How about doing us a favor and plotting it utilizing IF Global Chart and posting it. Launch/Recovery aerodromes and way points/fixes… That works for me. Don’t be stingy that’s Bad JuJu! The watch word is “Colligiality” Lad & Lassie…………


Most people find it visually, it’s easy to find but once you make it there you have no clue where you should be flying. Ben showed me the way and it worked out quite well although on IF I would say it’s nothing special.

Take off from EGOD and follow the coast until you see the first inlet. That’s what I know but nothing more… if that helps in any way.


Takeoff from RAF Valley, head south down the coast and then turn in when you räech the right lattitude (~N52.55), at which point it should be fairly easy to pick up the valley, you’re then just following the road in a counter-clockwise circle. Cannot findna detailed flight plan on internet.

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It may be helpful to try out the loop in something slower first, like a Hercules or Spitfire. It gives you more time to think. I might record a video on the subject in the future.

If you’ve been unable to find it drop me a PM and ill run you through the start of it tomorrow or Saturday and then its plain sailing from there on in.

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could be loaded with Liveflight conect

Anyone else have no clue what this famous “Mach loop” is?

The loop isn’t too hard to find, it took me about 20 minutes between @Laura_Murphy 's map and following my flight in real time on Liveflight. I definitely recommend flying over the whole thing in something with autopilot (I used a C-130) at a constant altitude and speed (I used 3,500ft and 180kts) to get an idea of where it is and how to follow it.

Take off from runway 05 at EGOD and fly runway heading. Each of the first three turns at the north end happen at a lake, the third of which points you directly down a valley. Follow that and bear left at Rhydymain, towards a very small valley with the lake at Tal-y-llyn. Aim for this lake, and turn left into the very small valley just before you reach the lake. Follow this winding valley to the little town of Machynlleth, and turn north. This valley is much larger and wider. Follow the valley and resist the urge to turn left into any valley that doesn’t continue through the ridge line. The correct turn is just before a hill with a large light patch on it’s south (facing your aircraft) end. Turn left into this tight valley, exit it on your right through a little pass where the A470 marker is on the map. From here you can either turn left towards the lake at Tal-y-llyn for another loop, or continue to the outlet at Barmouth and a landing on 32 or 35 at EGOD again.

Hope that helps, feel free to PM with questions! I definitely recommend taking it slow, even in an F-14 I flew the majority of the low-level valleys (just before Tal-y-llyn, Machynlleth, and the valley leading to the A470 pass) between 180 and 200kts. Good luck!


Thanks for posting the map. I’ve wanted to do the Mach Loop for the longest time since Global came out. The course is so legendary. Now if I can find a way to sit on the virtual hill side and watch people run the loop in IF. : )

You can use the free cam…ill PM you, see if you can get a shot of me flying through…if you want?

Can you convert these waypoints into longitude and latitude?