Mach Loop Photo Shoot @ EGOV - 012000ZDEC17

Great! See you there.

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Can I come in a C-17

Sure! I’m allowing the C-17 because it actually has flown through the loop before. Only once though.

What is the Loop? I have join this event but I don’t now much about it

Search up Mach Loop on YouTube

'nuff said…

Read this:


I’ll be there, don’t know what aircraft I will be in.

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Just under 12 hours to go! Looking forward to it. It’s never too late to join in!
I’ll provide more event info before the event starts at 2000Z.

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Just twenty minutes left! If you’re participating, I will be flying under the callsign “AIRPHOTO”. I will be taking both photos and videos. Please fly at a realistic speed, between 400 and 500 knots for fast jets, slower for transport aircraft. You may find me either in a Super Decathlon, taking photos from the ground, or in a C-130 Hercules, taking air to air shots. Please fly in formation behind the C-130 for photos, so i can use the ramp view. About spawn point, unfortunately, RAF Valley (EGOV) hasn’t been worked on by the editing team, so spawn points are limited. Just do your best to not spawn into each other.

Sorry I wasn’t able to make it as I was stuck in bad traffic 😕 hope it went well

Here are some of my photos. Screenshot_20171201-200415Screenshot_20171202-002041Screenshot_20171201-200442Screenshot_20171201-200621Screenshot_20171201-200557Screenshot_20171201-202015Screenshot_20171201-195924Screenshot_20171201-203621Screenshot_20171201-200544

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Please post less pics at a time as it clogs up the thread and produces more data which is the pain for the wallets of the people hosting this. Great event, btw!

Warm Regards

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@David_Beckett…MaxSez: Screen Shot of Route with Departure AirField and Flight Plan with fix/waypoints of complete Loop via PM Pls. Regards

Oh no! Not via PM, I think many here are interested of a FP of the Mach Loop that actually works in IF…


@Major-Tom Unfortunately, there is no flightplan for The Mach Loop. There are however certain waypoints and locations which can be used as a guide for finding the general location, actually navigating The Loop itself requires a knowledge of the valleys themselves, in order to know which valleys make up the loop, and those which do not. As with my PM reply to Maxmustang, I will provide a link to a recording of a low level exercise I flew earlier here. It is a long video, which covers low flying in The Lake District, Scotland, and the Mach Loop, before returning to RAF Valley via the A5 Pass. U unfortunately the video has no sound, so to avoid boredom, times of various events during the video can be found in the description. I hope it helps.

@David_Beckett that’s what I expected. But if someone has a working series of LatLon waypoints for the MachLoop it shouldn’t been kept secret by PM…

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@Major-Tom@David_Beckett… Personal privledge Tom. I’ll choose delivery type, your objection noted.
David. Thank you for you response. Based on your responses I did a detailed search of multiple sources with no joy for a Loop Detailed Flight Plane. Appears there are none in the system. There is a Spotter Grafic along the route. When I have the time to extrapolate from it I’ll build a plan and post it. Regards Davidf

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not sure what you have searched for, but there are flightplans for other simulations available.
Based on that I have made a flightplan in flightplan database no long ago and published in the above linked IFC thread.
Unfortunately this could not just copy and past used in IF…
Another flightplan discussion outside IFC: Machloop

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@Major-Tom… MaxSez: Your latest noted, thanks for the input. You’ve saved me a bit of flight planning homework. I’ve Withdraw my silver bullets fired earlier.
Do good work! Regards.

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