Mach Limits

I wanted to ask, how do I know the Mach limitations? Certain areas have different limits, like 0.92 and 0.87 for example, I’ve noticed. I was on the flight that would lead me to grade 4, but I got a speed vio because there because of a limit difference. I went to the restroom, because I thought the limits were the same, and I was set for cruise, and I come back to see a speed vio, and now I have to wait a week.

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Mach speed depends on the aircraft. Check this link out below it helps me out a lot. Service ceiling for all aircraft in Infinite Flight 2


Sorry to hear that. Here’s another handy reference, along with the topic that @Drummer linked above: Infinite Flight Fuel Burns (Estimates): XCub & TBM Added!

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Well every plane has their most fuel efficient speed e.g A320=.77-.78 so ya shouldn’t really be going that fast


I know, but I was short on time, so I had to go at unrealistic speeds.

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