Mach error on the A388

Lately I have flown the A388 and I have realized that it has a big error with the MACH, when I reach cruise height I set the Mach to XX and it remains 2 numbers lower than what I configured! Here is an example …

If I put M0.82 the aircraft goes to M0.80
If I put 0.76 the aircraft goes to 0.74

Does someone else have that?


This happens to me too

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I would like them to fix that part and if it is a big mistake

I also have that problem, just set your speed a bit higher.
And it’s Mach, not Match ;)

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If I configure two numbers above but should take this into account in the next updates, I guess it is not a very difficult mistake to correct

I believe it is a known issue or bug being said by quite an amount of pilots, so just take the advice provided above, that will solve the problem for now.

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If/when the A388 gets a rework, I’m sure bugs like this will be fixed. It has been this way for a long time now. All we have to do now is have patience, and maybe adjust it to the speed you want. ;)

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