Macbook More Expensive Than Flight?!

This ticket costs around 47,000,000 Rials (4,700,000 tomans) but:

But a MacBook pro as you see is nearly twice that price or 7,949,000 tomans.
Come on. It is wicked.


In europe with easyjet we get flights for around 20 euros which is 682,275 rials:)


What the HECK!with 682275 in I.R.I, you can’t buy a pair of adidas sneakers!!! They cost way more. No wonder easyjet is this rich

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I haven’t exactly figured out how to even use rials, or tomand, even after visiting family in Iran 3 times.

It’s so confusing.

Even then, Macs are expensive. Very expensive. Flights, depending on the airline and destination, can be very cheap, or expensive.


When the Millionaire privileges kick in


Nearly everyone in Iran is a millionare, or billionare, if you think about it.


How did the dollar’s value go down…

One Iranian Rial is practically worthless. It’s been like this for as long as I can remember. However, like an army, Rials are strong in numbers.

Ohh okay. Thanks

A MacBook is around £1000 in the UK which is more then a flight to America or Asia

I know what you mean but the rial is kindoff worthless compared to the dollar. If you where to have cash, a hundred dollars worth of rials would be 2 wheelbarrows full.

But, rials come in bills of even 1,000,000. I think @Parsa can confirm the bills.

I don’t get your sentence completely but the official currency is rials. Tomans are just to make things easier

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