Macau and Manila Spotting + Flight video

About three weeks ago, I left to Manila from Macau. It also happened to be my first time flying without an adult (although I had a friend who is my age). I managed to get some interesting aircrafts and liveries, so here they are!

Firstly, I’ll start off with the video. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a decent shot of the takeoff (but I still have a video of that which I might upload later), but I have a compilation of videos from my flight back to Macau. The final approach was especially interesting, as we had a turbulent approach and came in quite high. Even my mom thought we might have to go around, and she was a flight attendant!

(Increase quality for better video :))

So now, onto the pictures.

Lining up with the runway.

We flew over Hong Kong during our ascent.

And managed to see a bit of VHHH (HKG)!

We had a beautiful and calm cruise on the way to RPLL, and managed to see the sunset. (Sorry for the weird order of the pictures, my phone somehow messed them up)

Our aircraft for the flight, a Philippine Airlines A321. Also the same aircraft that my friend flew over to Macau in.

A Royalflight 767-300, bound for St. Petersburg after coming in from Moscow.

A JC Airlines bound for somewhere in Cambodia.

One of my favorite shots, a Tigerair and Scoot hybrid livery, with an Air Seoul A321 at the gate.

A Skyteam livery of Xiamen Airways.

A closer look at the rare hybrid, which came from Singapore.

A charter flight that comes in during Summer, it most likely brings Chinese tourists back to Macau from Moscow after they are brought to St. Petersburg.

Air Seoul wrapping up boarding and about to head back to Seoul. For those who don’t know about this airline, it is a low cost subsidiary of Asiana.

A picture of our aircraft after we have arrived in Manila.

Fast forward 3 weeks later, I’m now back in the same airport (different terminal) and ready to board flight Z2008 back home. It was a frustrating experience as my mom and I still wanted to rest in the lounge but there was no announcements and not even a departures board, so we couldn’t wait for our aircraft there in fear of missing our flight. So we ended up sitting in one of the terminal’s many seats, eating McDonald’s (lol). A few minutes later, at 3:40, we decided it was time to head over to our gate. Our boarding time was 3:45, and it was a short walk. Plenty of time to board, right? Nope. On our way, we heard the following.
‘Final call for passengers Tetchie **** and Kyle Pelegrino on flight Z2008.’
We immediately panicked and started running to the gate! Now I had a 10kg suitcase, a guitar AND a bag with about 8 books inside. That was not an easy run. We ran and ran, and we as the gate numbers narrowed down to Gate 104, 103, 102… etc. Wait what? Where’s gate 101? We backtracked and found that the gate was now gate 102 and thank the heavens above for that. Fortunately we were not the last passengers and the others we probably trying to find gate 101 as well. Also the fact that earlier, there were two announcements going on at once, so it may have been that they called for boarding while another annoncent was being made. We ended up being delayed for about half an hour. My mom was furious because they boarded early, but I consider it half our fault. Now, onto the pictures!

A view of terminal two (which is specially reserved for Philippine Airlines aircraft) and a Cathay Pacific A330-300, (thanks @Tosin_Salisu) which flight was cancelled after being delayed.

This Cathay 777-300ER, however, managed to slip out and depart.

The skies got greyer and more cloudy as we approached Macau.

The same A330 mentioned earlier, but now with a Cebu Pacific A330-300, most likely bound for somewhere in the Middle East or Sydney. I’ve been on the Sydney flight, and it actually wasn’t unpleasant, but I’m not saying it was good either. Of course, Cebu Pacific being an LCC, you had to pay for meals despite the 8 1/2 hour flight time.

The windows were soon covered by raindrops after we landed. It was raining heavily but cleared up later in the night.

After pushback at RPLL, I saw a flying billboard for Henann Resorts, a hotel in the south of Philippines. It was also an AirAsia Phil. A320.

Well, thanks for reading and watching the video! If you’d like to see more landing and takeoff videos, you can check out the rest of the videos on my channel. Bye 👋


Nice video! The landing was very cloudy, reminds me of typical English weather!


There also happened to be a typhoon that had just passed over at the time. We were lucky that our flight didn’t get cancelled as many Cathay Pacific flights going to HK did. In fact you can see the Cathay planes parked at some stands shortly after takeoff.


Awesome shots, Kyle 😊! I think VMMC is an interesting airport to spot some unique aircraft liveries 😉

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It sure is. I remember years ago when there used to be AN-124s that visited us, as well as numerous 747s and other widebodies. Even had Air Koryo operating flights here at one point.

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Nice photos. Love those airlines we don’t see in the United States.


Hey Kyle, sorry to correct you but there is no CX A350 in the pictures, there is a CX A330 instead.

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@Kyle.Plane Nice diary entry! Never under estimate the walk from terminal to gate lol, especially with luggage and a Big Mac under your belt 😁

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Oh, sorry about that. Thanks for the correction :)

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@JRRaviation, thanks! It really does get interesting especially when charters and new start ups come in.

@Swiss188 😂

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