Mac vs iOS

Considering the MacBook for Infinite Flight. Any thoughts on Mac vs iPad experience?

Infinite Flight isn’t supported on the MacBook or any of the Mac lineup as it’s purely mobile at the moment. There hasn’t been any talk about it being released to computers, and until announced by the developers, it looks to stay that way.


I think the iPad is heavy

And Mac How can a Mac fly without a gyroscope

Well that answers that question lol


@BlueSky your answer lies in my initial response.

I suggest you get a “dongle” for your iPad with HDMI, multiple USBs, and a charging port. Got mine from amazon and it has 1 HDMI, 2x USB, and charging. This will allow you to cast your iPad to a TV or monitor, and connect a joystick, controller, or mouse, as well as stay charged. I currently use a controller and mouse, but looking to go full Yoke, throttle, and rudder soon. I have seen some go as far as use a full HOTAS setup, including yoke, throttle, and rudder pedals. A couple users have tried all of this via USB, and others use a 3rd party app such as Infinite Flight Connect or IFJoysticks with a Raspberry Pi. This isn’t a lot on the community, and a lot of posts go unanswered on the topic. Something I wish more users were interested in. Regardless, no reason you cannot treat your iPad as a computer and get the full flight sim experience you would from x-plane to MFS on a computer.

Hmmm maybe :)

yeah, I am currently making a new way to connect a joystick which is using a quicker and more reliable system

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ohh nice. Please let me know if I can help in anyway, especially in any alpha or beta testing. I’m more on the PM side of software development, but have dabbled here and there in some code.

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Does anyone know a good mobile yoke? I am in the market for one and I like the extreme 3D pro, if it good? if not then please make a recommendation

no such thing as a mobile yoke that I am aware of. You just will need to do as others and hook it a standard correctly via USB or use a 3rd party with PC and IF Connect or Raspberry Pi and IFJoystick


I use the Thrustmaster airbus edition but if you want a yoke the extreme 3D pro is good I think. it is one of the joysticks IF did say is supported and the yoke itself has a great feel.


Interested in knowing what you’re planning in terms of new systems to connect your joystick. Thanks :)

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