Mac OS Mojave Future Infinite Flight Support?

Because of the new Mac OS that will allow future cross platforming games from IOS to Mac OS. Do you guys think will see support for Infinite Flight on Mac, once this feature is released?
(I know there are topics similar to this but I don’t know that they are this exact topic.)

I highly doubt it. FDS has stated that they have no intention to release a PC variant. it’s quite the same situation as with the Chromebooks that have access to the Google play store, and are unable to run the simulator. As IF was built to run on a mobile segment and not a desktop or laptop, it means the only way to access IF on PC is through emulation, which is extremely difficult on MacOs.

It’s a pipe dream, and I think it’s unlikely to happen.


I’m sorry my dude but I’m not sure your understanding the point of this post and what I’m asking. The point of this is to point out that Apple will be allowing in the future as far as I understand, IOS games will be able to run on MacOS with a quick and easy port. Compared to what it is now which takes loads of work to move IOS games to MacOs. This all because of the new update. Because of this easy transfer will we see support?

If we were to port to macOS in the future, it’s unlikely we’d port through the way Apple discussed at WWDC this year. In simple terms, it’s combining Apple’s UI framework on iOS with the framework used on macOS (which we don’t explicitly use being a game).


Gotcha, that’s exactly what I was asking about. Thank you!

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