M1 Macbooks

Are there any plans on optimizing the sim for M1 laptops like other games? Cause it is for the iPad as well and I think it would be good with the joystick support

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As said by Chris, IF will not be on a computer anytime soon. However, it is possible that in the future we could see IF make its way to that spectrum of the Flight Sim world.

I mean especially given the M1 MacBooks have actual proper support for IOS/iPadOS apps I think it certainly would be possible to integrate IF onto the M1 MacBooks.

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I have one my MacBook Air (Apple) laptop that owns my iPhone XR and iPad 8th device. But, I have two iPhones and an iPad to use an IF and MacBook Air did not make it into an IF in my home.

It certainly would be possible, however the developers have, for the time being, expressed the fact that this won’t be happening.

Now, the reasoning behind this isn’t fully known, but they are within their right to not release the simulator on a platform if they don’t believe it to be viable. It might come in the future, who knows 🤷

I might just weigh in here a little. My primary device is a 2020 M1 MacBook Pro. Because of the way Infinite Flight is built, I can’t even run it on my laptop for development purposes at the moment. Getting it to the point where we can do this for development is absolutely something we want to do, but we’re waiting on one of the programming frameworks we depend on to add support for this (and it’s not that high on our priority list for now). That being said though, there are no plans to extend that Mac support to anything beyond development, and certainly not to our customers.

The selling point of Infinite Flight is that it is the most amazing mobile flight simulator. The fact is we can’t compete in the computer sim market because we optimize our product for mobile and that’s not going to change. You can connect joysticks to IF on mobile, though. See here for more details.

Hope this makes sense - let me know if you have any further questions.


Thanks a lot for the response but I think liveflight connect should get support for mac again, any plans on that?

No. LiveFlight Connect already has Mac support, but it has been deprecated by its developer, meaning it will no longer receive updates.


Have you tried using Map Connect for your joystick? It was built as an alternative to LiveFlight Connect.

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