M1 iPads not really optimised?

Device: iPad Air M1 8GB RAM (2022)
Operating system: iPadOS 15.6

Okay so, I’ve been noticing these past couple weeks that my iPad Air with the M1 chip overheats while playing Infinite Flight as well as way less battery life ( which i kinda expect since IF is quite demanding) however I don’t see these issues with the iPad 9th gen. It’s able to run IF with the same graphics settings as my iPad Air M1 (All settings high, 30fps, anti aliasing off) but with way less overheating and a way better battery life. Could this be an issue with the iPad air itself or just IF not being optimised?

I just got the new iPad Pro, it does overheat, idk if it is a hardware issue or app issue.

same thing happens to me on 5th gen Ipad air probably just dose not have as much heating and the battery drains

I’ve had an M1 equipped iPad pro for a while. It does heat up a little, but I’ve never had a problem with it.

The M1 chip for me hasn’t been much of a problem for me, while it does overheat at times. It seems to work just fine, I have anti-aliasing off.

@pilotireland well I think it’s a good idea to let your IPad Take a 2 or 3 day break before doing a long flight again and it’s a great idea to sit your iPad down next to a fan or something colder like a Air conditioner I hope this helps you Cya :)

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Yep, the M1 chip does overheat quite a bit. However, it is strong enough take it. Not an issue on your end.

I would assume this is the issue with your iPad not being able to handle overheating. Try deleting your replays.

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