M_Billy’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ KSEA

Are you training to become IFATC? Regarding the couple patterns I did, I have some pointers for you.

  1. You issued me “cleared for immediate takeoff”, with no direction for pattern. If you’re allowing pattern work takeoffs, then you must designate a direction of traffic for them. I’d like to ask, why not just a normal takeoff?

  2. you disconnected for a minute, so I called inbound for touch/go to reconnect the comms. You did not issue me any pattern entry, and simply cleared me to land. If you’re allowing pattern work, why wouldn’t you clear for the option instead?

  3. I had to go around on final, and called it. You gave me a right traffic pattern, and then nothing else. You never re-cleared me or gave me any instructions besides “Roger.” I had called each turn of the pattern so that maybe you would catch it.


Let’s try again

Give me a couple minutes and I’ll be back in

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Is that better

If they’re not staying with tower and you need a straight out departure then yes. However, if they’re requesting pattern work, they must be given a direction if allowed

Hey, did you close?

@M_Billy Did you close? I was hoping to get a few more patterns with you

@Raze thanks for the parallel landing ;)

❤️ @KTJ_Mitchell it’ll look even better in post production ;) keep an eye out in the discord screenshots

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Yes I’m closing it

Alright then, feedback time:

  1. Not sure why I needed to file a flightplan if I was just doing patterns

  2. You cleared me for takeoff, without giving me a pattern direction and also clearing to to maintain 1000 ft on RWY HDG, not sure why as I was flying patterns as mentioned

  3. You told me to enter Right base evn though I was in the pattern, and I was also flying Left Traffic, a right traffic pattern on a RWY that end with L is not the most efficent choice.

  4. If closing, make sure to announce it and not just disconnect, that way pilots know if to expect you to come back online or not

But that is all, thanks for the service


Your welcome

When do I begin adding flight for ATC training

what do you mean?

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I’m going to open it up and I’m going to try not to mess up

gotcha, best of luck!

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If there is a center runway do I give the plane Left traffic or right traffic for the center

it’s your choice in that situation, however: Say there was another plane on a Right runway your best bet would be left traffic on the Center runway and vice versa for the Left runway

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If a plane is doing traffic patterns and their is a airliner getting ready for takeoff should I get the airliner out or the plane that is doing patterns in

I opened up KSEA can we please practice patterns