M_Billy’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ KSEA

At 3:30 I’m opening up KSEA tower and ground please spawn in as Alaska Airlines at a gate and file a flight plan please
server training
airport KSEA
KSEA tower is no longer active

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Hey mate,

It’s great to see that you are opening up ATC. Just thought that I would give you a heads up and let you know that if you’re interested in joining IFATC and controlling to practice for that, then your best bet is to create an ATC Tracking Thread.

Please take a look at the tutorial below to find out how to create an ATC Tracking Thread:

Hope this helps you out mate. Have a great day!


Thank you 😊. P.S i edit it it looks much better now

Make sure to change the title of this topic as well, if you wish. You could change it to something along the lines of “M_Billy’s ATC Tracking Thread - Open @KSEA” for example. All you would need to do is when you close, is edit the title and change it to closed and when you reopen, just change it to open again and put the airport after the “@” symbol.


I fixed my error

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Awesome. Looking forward to seeing you apart of IFATC in the near future!

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Are you still open?

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Yes I am I’m still open

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Mind if I swing by and do some patterns?

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Yes you can spawn in what is your route

What aircraft are you flying

The one that’s on your ground freq😜 a citation

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merely a few patterns, that’s all!

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Did you just spawn in as a Boeing 737 700 at the GA ramp

not yet, in a few minutes

What is your aircraft

Will be a B737

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In a Alaska Airlines livery

Someone spawned in as Burma 590

Can you please spawn in as an Alaska Airlines and file a flight plan