[LZSH-FAOR] Swiss B777-300ER


this time trying to learn to capture images

  • Departure 2020-12-07T14:49:00Z

  • Arrival 2020-12-08T01:20:00Z

  • Flight time : 10hr07min

  • Using : B77W

  • Go around : 1x

    let's see

thanks for seeing it choose the picture you like


Wow beautiful pictures( I love the wing view overlooking those nice mountains

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thanks , see it as if it is inside

Wow! These photos turned out really well! Nice flight I will try it again. :)

Very nice shots, thanks for sharing!

A beautiful Swiss livery, route, and B773 to top it all off. Hope you enjoyed the flight. I like the first, fourth, sixth and seventh shots the best. That terrain though! Keep it up.

good fly bro

Wow😍 nice photo.

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Nice photos, the alps are stunning!

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thank you for your assessment, I rarely play IF because I don’t know which route to fly 😄

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The third image just… WOW!!

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