LY2653 emergency landing

Flight LY 2653โ€™s UP A subsidiary of EL AL is supposed to make an emergency landing in an hour at Ben Gurion Airport after blowing a tire on takeoff for several days, a number of flights from Ben Gurion Airport landed in an emergency landing in one of the three days of Israir and two weeks ago landed Arkia emergency landing of all these landings were safely UP flight took off three hours late model B737-800 aircraft to Kiev on the plane about 182 passengers The plane is currently performing laps to reduce the amount of fuel if the plane will crash less fuel and less fire

Flight Tracking

Live from Ben Gurion airport site in Hebrew, but also you can see the airport

Now the plane landed safely!!!

Now the plane landed safely!!!


Woaaah dude maybe some punctuation, itโ€™s all just one big sentence apart from one comma.


Just found this flight on Flightradar24. Theyโ€™re in a holding pattern right now.

Expecting a good outcome in the end ๐Ÿ™

The plane is supposed to land half an hour a large number of fire engines and ambulances arrived at Ben Gurion Airport


There she goesโ€ฆ

He flew not far from my house Iโ€™m a little south of the path of aircraft In Jerusalem

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What area do you live in?

In Jerusalem

Oh right not far thenโ€ฆ

Typically planes do not fly over Jerusalem, but a little further north in the path of this aircraft

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Heading to airport now

Before the plane was ready to land but the pilots canceled at the end and kept rounds

Now the plane landed safely


Thatโ€™s awesome to hear.

The plane right now begin the investigation of the Israeli Transportation Ministry

Took up a far bit of runway it must be said, good job though.

Not sure if it is a problem with FR24โ€™s transponders, but if the aircraftโ€™s position is correct then the plane has skidded a little bit when stopping (itโ€™s sideways on the runway)

According to what the cameras that broadcast the end of the track is also really was not the center of the track

Healthy plane from Ben Gurion Airport pieces of plane this is the ground by a system that identifies parts of the track