Lvl 3 violation not going away

hi my lvl 3 violation will not go away, so last Saturday, I got a lvl 3 violation. then a week later (yesterday) I checked and I still had it, so I thought maybe tomorrow it will go away I checked this morning (1 week and 1 day) and to my surprise I still had it, then I decided to wait a little longer so I checked about 15min ago and I still have the violation. if someone could help that would be great.


If I’m not wrong I remember those violations on your account for 365 days. I could easily be wrong though.

All violations stick around for 365 days. Level 3 violations, however, will impact your stats for the full 365 days, unlike level 1 violations. Level 1 violations will only impact your violation to landing ratio for that 365 period.


so if i get 1 lvl 3 im done for a year?

If you exceed the limit, yes. What’s your current grade?

2 and ive only had 1 lvl 2 and 1 lvl 3 violation ever and of corase a few lvl 1s

Can you share an image of your current grade table, please?

i dont have my account linked with my IFC account nor my computer

You don’t need your account to be linked. You just need to take a screenshot or take s picture of your grade table and upload it.

but my computer is not linked at all with my phone

Can you access the IFC from your phone? If so, take a screenshot, go to the IFC, click the picture frame icon in the bottom right corner, upload it, and reply.

my mom has my phone restricted idk why but i would have gave you the screenshot if i could, but there are 3 things, lvl 3 violations (7 days) 1/0 lvl 3 violations (1 year) 1/5 and all violations (1 year) 2/5

I see. Thanks for that. Could you log out of your IF account and then log back in? If that doesn’t work, can you restart your device?

ok will do.

i just did it and it is still there

Hmm, okay. I’d advise you to wait for a mod or staff member to reply. They will most likely ask you for your display name (if applicable) and callsign.

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ok thank you for your help.

What is your current Callsign? And is your IFC linked to your IF account?

my callsign right now is DF and i dont have my IFC linked yet.

Alright. One second