Lvl 1 violation

If a pilot was not able to make it to a airport but still lands on the ground out of the airport . Why is simulator calculating my ground speed the moment I touch down and giving me a lvl 1 violation for exceeding taxi speed . While I was no where near the airport.

How do you expect a flight that is out of fuel trying to land at 140 + knots to slow down immediately to comply with the taxi speed ?

I was about to go to expert server . But just because I landed a low fuel plane successfully I had the 6th violation and now I have to wait 7 days to go to expert server . This is not very nice

I mean… this is a flight simulator. Planes are suppose to land on paved runways, grass runways or if you’re skilled enough to master the XCub, you can land off airports. Other than that, you shouldn’t be getting ground speed violations if you’re flying normally.

This includes diverting to suitable airports if you see that you’re running out of fuel. Landing off airports as a result of running out of fuel is not an acceptable argument for the collection of violations.

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Why is the taxi speed being calculated when I am not in an airport or on a taxiway then ? So you are saying in my scenario where I almost reached the airport being as close as 10nm . Should just crash instead of trying to land because if I land I receive a violation ?

Did you land on a runway at an airport when you got these violations?

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I was 10nm away from the runway .

You answered your own question. You did not land on a runway. As I mentioned, divert sooner to another than try making it to the airport. This will be important if you truly wish to fly on the expert server. The rules get harder over there. 😁

Jets typically won’t land in a field unless you’re Ural Airlines and don’t really have another option.