Lvl 1 violation

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I received a level 1 over speed violation! How long does this last for ?

I was decending and the speed went up and I couldn’t stop it and then got the warning.


Hello Danny,

Level one violations remain on your account for a year. If you check your grade table, your level one violations will show regarding how many you have received in the past 24 hours, 7 days and also your level one violation to landing ratio that is calculated over 12 months.

Let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns.

Take care mate!

Wow a year for something that was beyond my control…

Oh well…

It only appears on your stats for a year. Depending on how many level one violations you currently have, and your current grade, it shouldn’t effect your grade (if it has) for any more than 7 days.

Well, you can’t really say it like that. If you notice your airspeed increasing, you could either apply spoilers or decrease the descent rate. Just keep an eye on the altitude and speed as you descend and you should easily be able to avoid a violation for overspeeding in the future.

Spoilers in flight mode work well for bleeding excess speed. Try it out next time you fly.

On descent, always keep an eye on your speed to prevent this from happening again. At least lower your speed to 250 at FL120. Have a great day!

Cheers for the advice.

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What did you get a level 1 violation for ?

This may answer your question:

It appears the user received a level 1 violation for overspeed in flight.

That’s what learning is all about. You’ll find now in those situations that the spoilers will become your best friend.

Ye what I do is I go 300kts and then when I pass 10000ft I disengage the autopilot and put spoilers out, the speed goes sky rocketing down and I don’t get a violation.

This can work but I recommend slowing down a little bit in advance before you hit 10000, cause if the decent isn’t managed right it may not be enough to slow down in time.


You could’ve just extended out flaps and spoilers to flight, and if it was very desperate you could’ve disengaged autopilot and pulled hard on the yoke.

you just have to do it right, it has never failed me yet. :) But I usually do slow down to like 275kt before doing the maneuver.

unless its the a330

I see a lot of folks praising spoilers and flaps. Spoilers do work some but the flaps aren’t that realistic in this game. Most aircraft have flap speed limits that I have noticed are existing in this game. The best method is to manage airspeed under FL200.

Over speed.

Got to TOD and everything just happend so quickly… I did apply spoilers and then flaps and speed came down eventually.

What’s annoying me is that I didn’t do it intentionally; it’s the fact that the violation now sticks on my account for 1 year I think that’s a bit harsh… but I suppose the rules are rules. I got less of a punishment for speeding in my car lol.

Good point, but I don’t really fly the a330 a lot.

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