Luxury "Cruise" Airliners- $50k per ticket

The cruise ships of the sky. Would you ever pay $50-100k for a 2 or 4 week trip around the world? Pretty crazy!


30,000feet? I thought it would be higher… 😂


Probably just CNN picking out a random altitude. It would be cool if they could fly lower around places in the world where most airliners fly at cruising altitudes.

Why didn’t I think of that? Lower = More sceneries…

This is a really radical idea… Imagine if one comes up with a Titanic styled one…


Some richer people would definitely go for that. $50K isn’t that bad for 3-4 weeks of being pampered.

Lower = More fuel burn, running into bad weather.

My bad, I didn’t think of the operational factors…

But imagine flying low level over the fjords in Norway??? That would be amazing, definitely more exciting than cruising at 30,000ft

It’s to crazy when a one way fight on a small private jet would cost the same but in this case you get to stay in the air for two weeks great!

Ya, it’s all inclusive so I guess if you can afford it, it would be pretty awesome

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