Luxurious trip to Japan!

I’m kinda back!

Well this is my first topic in a really long time for those who remember me. Happy to say I’m kinda back! Anyways let’s get to the trip!

We accumulated a ton of skymiles through Delta and other codeshares and thought it would be a great idea to spend it on Delta’s new Delta One Suite aboard the B772. Our itinerary was CLT-DTW-MSP-HND-NGO. Yeah that’s pretty long and it’s probably the longest duration of time I’ve been through from origin to final destination. Took over 24 hrs! Gonna share the pics from D1 and spotting pics below 👇

Departed CLT early in the morning with a gorgeous sunrise. First class with an empty seat next to me. Was the only seat empty! B712.

We had a decent 1.5 hr layover in Detroit so I went to take pics of the heavies in the center of the giant E McNamara terminal. Caught the beautiful DL flagship (imo one of the best A350 livery’s). This one was bound for RKSI

By the time we were taxing to RWY 22L it started raining a little. Caught this A321 with those heavies in the background. I was in the A320 in FC but unfortunately had a baby right behind that would not stop crying for most of the flight.

Did nit have the time to catch airliner action at MSP as we had a short layover, but this was my first glimpse of my suite 3A! Unfortunately couldn’t get the seat next to the window cause the rest were booked. Regardless of that matter, the suite still looked amazing

Im pretty certain that this is a typo on the “Get To Know Your Suite” card. Cmon Delta!

I caught the beautiful Canadian Rockies; the IF scenery of this looks a lot more similar than I thought. Unfortunately couldn’t get the mountains in Alaska as the FAs forced everyone to close the windows to let ppl sleep. I totally forgot about that and by the time that happened the pics I took of my cabin were pretty bad even with the reading lights at max.

And welcome to Tokyo! First ones off the plane and beat everyone to immigration so all of that was very quick. If I can recall properly, I think we had like a 4 hr layover so I spent most of that time spotting around HND. Nice thing I like Japanese Airlines is that they use a lot of heavies for domestic routes so 787s and 777s are scattered around the airport. Here’s an ANA 789 getting ready to make a tiny hop to Osaka Kansai. Like 50min for an aircraft that can go 18 hrs or something.

Tail shot of most of these domestic heavies. Later on there were like 4 special livery’s in that area. ANA does love making special livery’s. They have a ton.

In HND, u actually have to take a bus to get around all the terminals. This is the only airport where I’ve had to ride a bus to get around places. Pretty unique experience as you can get nice ground pics such as this 789. That bus did take like 15 minutes just from INTL terminal to terminal 1…

Did not know Tokyo Skytree was visible from the airport. I’ve been up that thing before and the view is stunning. I believe it’s one of the tallest buildings in the world.

That’s a wrap! Delta One was incredible. Service was exceptional, quality was phenomenal. Entire trip was the best I’ve ever experienced! You guys gotta try the brand out someday totally worth it. I’m probably gonna make a video and may post the link here shortly.

Delta One Rating:
Quality-10 Very comfortable bed, awesome 16in IFE. Everything is very easy to use and excellent. The bathroom was small but idrc.

Food-9.5 They could have given me a little more. I had space to eat more or it’s just that I eat a lot.

Service-10 FAs were lively and very professional.

Landing-7 Pilot slammed the nose. I was kinda caught off guard lol

I’m flying back in D1 and FC btw 😃


Awesome photos and great detail! Thanks for sharing 🙂


I once had an experience where we got caught in a downdraft over the runway threshold and we slammed into the ground (I forget which airport)

Nice!! From HND to NGO did you fly JAL or ANA ? Btw skytree is the highest radio tower in the world.

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ANA. I like them a lot more than JAL. They both great airlines though.

Went on a 738. They use a 763 once a week apparently


Welcome back and great photos!

That is actually a 787-8.

Also a 787-8.


I also prefer ANA. They are the best!!
Are you planning on doing a trip report for the return flights too?

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Why would you fly to Detroit then Minneapolis when Charlotte has flights to Minneapolis nonstop?


Thank man!

😂 mind by 787 identification skills. They are probably the worst of my aircraft identification.



@anon45500775 well with skymiles that was apparently the best way. Coming back we are doing NGO HND MSP CLT tho


All good, just remember the 787-9 has more windows between the L1 and L2 doors than the 787-8. ;)

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Welcome back! Do you mind giving me your sky miles please?

Lol, just kidding. But seriously though, welcome back. Those are some nice shots :)

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We got a 12 hour delay at Tokyo Haneda got no to Minneapolis one time. It was annoying.

very nice pictures and info about the flight

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Nice pictures! I’m flying MSP-ICN on the 772 suites tomorrow. I’ve taken 359’s suites two times but 772 is my first time. Did you find the seats to be a bit narrow, or was it okay for you?


Nope, I found it spacious for myself. (Not a closterphob) Plenty of Space for your legs, and the bed had great space too. Now once u got the tray table over yur not rlly going anywhere as it takes up a lotta space but that didn’t bother me. I think the A350 actually might be a little narrower but not 100% sure

@anon45500775 dang was it a mechanical problem?

Nah a typhoon from the day before. That typhoon caused us to cancel our flight and stay at Tokyo for one more day. It wasn’t that bad considering japan is cool and we are Japanese so it was one extra day before we miss “home”. Then they delayed it to 1am the next day. (Lucky that Haneda has a lot of fun stuff)

Also lucky that you got a suite. I’ve only been on economy

Also that ANA 787 isn’t going to Kansai. That’s the international terminal, not domestic. No domestic flights!


Oh yeah last year had a ton of typhoons. My bad on the pic. Have like 5 pics of 787s at that angle. Idk where the INTL one was going

Here when was the day you took the photo

Sky tree was scary 😂 I’ve been up there and on the glass floor. I’m afraid of heights like crazy!

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