Luxaviation Belgium Challenger 350 (OO-WEG)

Hello IFC, Since Challenger 350 is coming to IF, I like this livery to add.


About Luxaviation Belgium

Luxaviation Belgium was formely known Abelag Aviation. Abelag Aviation is an air charter company based in [russels, Belgium. It operates ad hoc charter, air taxi, cargo and medical flights, as well as helicopter VIP flights and air ambulance work. Its main base is Brussels Airport, with seats at Antwerp International Airport, Kortrijk-Wevelgem International Airport, Paris Le Bourget Airport, France and Eindhoven Airport.

The airline was established in 1964, absorbed Lamda Jet in 1995 and merged with Sky Service in 2005. It is wholly owned by Abelag Aviation Group. In May 2010 Abelag received “the Gold Safety Flight Award” from the European Business Aviation Association, for more than 40 years of safe flights around the world. It inaugurated its Business Aviation Terminal at Brussels Airport in 2012.

In 2013, the company was taken over by Luxaviation Belgium. The brand name Abelag disappeared and was replaced by the trading Luxaviation Belgium since 2016. The social seats of the company in Brussels and Kortrijk-Wevelgem will continue under the name ‘Abelag’.

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