Luxair ERJ-145


Hey all, this is my first feature topic. Welcome :)

Why do I want this

I really like that livery on this plane. Especially with the blue on the engine and the flag of Luxembourg on the tail.

About the ERJ 145

The ERJ 145 is produced by Embraer, a Brazilian Air manufacturer. They created the ERJ-145, 140 and 130.
It became a pretty good success as large Airlines such as American Airlines bought them. Under which LuxAir.
They have their hub at Luxembourg international airport and fly from there all over Europe. Their fleet consists of the Dash, 737 family and the ERJ-145.
More of the ERJ-145, 140 and 135 and LuxAir found here:

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That livery is magnificent! I wish I had a vote but I actually have 5 more then I should because I used to be a Regular, so if I get Regular again then I’ll give this a vote.

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Thanks mate

I love It! I’m in the same position as Sashaz55 though 😂

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How can you lose that rank?

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Thank you very much :)

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They need to update the ERJ’s. Especially the liveries. Unfortunately. I can’t vote because I am already at max

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Beautiful livery, got my vote

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Thank you :)
Its indeed a very beautiful livery

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Wish I could vote. Really sad these are retired nowadays…