Luxair B737-800

Hey guys !
I was thinking about adding the Luxair’s B738 in the sim.
Here’s why :

  • Since we only have two Luxair liveries (the Dash 8 and the 737-700), it would be cool to have the whole fleet of Luxair
  • Lots of exciting destinations with this aircraft (Ex: Dubai / Tenerife / Espargos). In addition to fly within Eurore, you can fly much further.
  • Furthermore, we can add some funny liveries like this one :

What do you guys think ?

Would love to see it too, but unfortunately, there’s already a thread for this livery. You can vote and share your thoughts there.

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Oh sorry about that! Didn’t see the old thread, even though I paid attention to see if there was another one before. I suppose this one can be closed now.
Have a nice day! 🙂