Luxair 737-800 w/ Split Scimitars


credits Bruce Drum i want to have this cool livery for global to fly in and out of luxenborg

Can you tell in proper detail why you want it and give link to the image?



We already have this on the -700 as somebody mentioned as well as the Dash 8 so it’s not like we don’t have Luxair at all on IF really.

You could do with adding a bit more substance to this in order to tempt more people to give it a vote by making it more interesting. A link to the original source would also be preferable. :)

I like the splits so much!

The splits look excellent with the livery. Viva Luxembourg

Isn’t that a 737-800ER for short?

I personally think the livery looks a lot better with the new winglets.

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In the case of B737 rework, this livery would be a beautiful addition. 🙂