Luxair 737-800 livery


As you all now we already have the luxair Dash 8 Q400 and 737-700,
but we definitely need this livery for flying the longer routes that Luxair serves, that cannot be flown with the currently existing 737-700, like Luxembourg to Dubai, Ras al Khaima or the Cape Verdes.

Also Luxair operates a lot of their holiday flights with the 737-800, like for ex. to the Canaries, greek islands or Egypt.

And it’s just a nice livery with the split scimitars with the red tips.

Luxair is the luxembourgish flag Carrier and the biggest passenger airline in Luxembourg. They mainly serve routes in Europe and Northern Africa and they use the Dash Q400 (11), the 737-700 (4) and the 737-800 (4). So it would just make sense to fulfill the fleet in IF.

Luxair is a part of the Miles&more program by the Star Alliance and was predominantly owned by Lufthansa until they sold their shares in 2015. Now Luxair is owned predominantly by the luxembourgish state (52…04%), two luxembourgish banks, the Luxair group and others.

Hope you like the livery and vote for it!

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just to add a pic I took myself.

It was when I was flying from Heraklion to Luxembourg.
Sadly the flight was delayed but due to that we boarded during the sun set.


added some more information.

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Nice request! Luxair is actually not part of Star Alliance. They only have codeshare agreements.

Wow Luxair actually does fly their -700 to DXB 😂

that’s because of COVID. They usually don’t

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Beautiful livery and plane, u got my vote!!!

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thanks a lot!

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