Luton Airport Touch-and-Go Marathon @ EGGW - 131800ZFEB17

Server: Expert

Region: London

Airport: EGGW (London Luton)

Time: 18:00zulu 13th Feb 2017

NOTAM: Luton Airport Touch-and-go event.

All Pilots will begin by selecting an aircraft/livery from the list below ONLY:

EasyJet A319 or A320
Ryanair B737-800
Wizz Air A320
Thomson B737-800
Thomas Cook A321
Transavia 737-800

Pilots will then meet at the terminal stands, Please comment username and callsign below to be assigned to a stand.

  • Stand 41
  • Stand 42
  • Stand 43
  • Stand 44 = AS 1512 (Ryanair 102)
  • Stand 45 = cpt henry (Kestrel 9 5 8)
  • Stand 46
  • Stand 47
  • Stand 48
  • Stand 61
  • Stand 60

The event will begin at roughly 18:00ZULU. Aircraft will begin taxi when I announce Taxi (Kestrel 9 5 8).

Once at the active runway, aircraft will perform standard take-off procedures including standard spacing. We will then fly left traffic if the runway is 08 or right traffic if the runway is 26. I (Kestrel 9 5 8) will lead everyone out and will lead the pattern to determine pattern length etc. Come along and give it a try, its a great way to level up quickly!

Important Pattern Info:

Altitude: 3000FT
Speed: 200KTS
Climb rate: 2500FPM

**If a member of IFATC would like to provide ground/tower control for this event, please message me privately.

Any questions, comment below.


Please make sure to use the proper #live:events title format , if you do not know how to do this let me know what the day of this event is and i will change your title accordingly …

Update: Title changed …


Thank you very much!

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I think when creating an event you should give at least 24 hours notice otherwise you won’t get many people showing up.

I know but Im bored and this is my first attempt at creating an event so Im just trying out.

The event has been pushed back to 18:00Z. Come along for touch-and-goes and help you level up quicker.

Can I have one gate please

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I wish i could join this event only if it would’ve been training server :( coz im grade 2 and moreover there are no more events to participate in uptil 18th.

What is your IF username and what will be your callsign during the event?

Im sorry to hear that, how far away from grade 3 are you?

Im a long way out for that approx 15000 xp more

Its okay good luck for ur event not much time left :)

Sorry to hear that buddy, I only use expert server to maintain professionalism. Keep at it and you’ll be at G3 in no time!

Sure bro no problem good luck :)

AS 1512 & Ryanair 102

Thanks, your gate has now been reserved. Please invite your friends!

Keep this feed open during the event. Will begin shortly, just waiting to try get some more people to join :)

This marathon will continue for a considerable amount of time, feel free to join at any time. You can also request start up gates at any time.

I will be there in a Boeing 737-800 Thompson

Great, chose any gate on my list. We have just began our first circuit.