Lurkerboy’s ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED]

I am practicing for IFATC.

I will be at KMIA tower on ts. Any feedback is appreciated!


What time are you going to be there?

Now until 2:30 edt 1630Z

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Thank you, nice work. I’ll DM you some feedback shortly 👍 - Callsign N188TK


I am going back on 4pm edt to 4:30pm edt doing approach at KJFK on TS.

On another note, how do I close this thread when I am done?

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You just edit your title to [CLOSED] meaning you are done controlling. When you want to open again, simply change your title [OPEN @ ICAO]


I am at KPBI. Will probably be on until 1pm EDT / 1700Z

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I am at FLL until 1 pm

I will be open at FLL 12:45pm/ 1645z to 1:30/1745z or so

I am open Ground & tower until 10:15/1415Z

Depart/landing 28R/L

Patterns are allowed (Come and make a few patterns)

Just got done doing patterns in my fav plane in game the 172. Callsign H145NJ and feedback. Once an aircraft doing pattern gets on downwind clear them for the option.

Thank you.

No problem

Open at KFLL 4:30 est /2030z until 5:15 /2115z

Patterns encouraged.
Takeoff/landings 10L/R

I’ll come on down @lurker. :)

Next time. Gotta log off in a few min.

Gotcha, I’ll drop by next time. :)

Open again at KFLL 11:30 est /1630z until 12:30 /1730z

Patterns encouraged.
Takeoff/landings 10L/R

Opening at 9:15am 1215Z until 10:30

Patterns encouraged.
Takeoff/landings 10L/R

I’ll keep KMIA open until 1030 for anyone that wants to fly between airports.