lurkerboy’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] passed!

This is my 4th tracking thread

Open at KPSP
until 2019-03-24T01:30:00Z

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Coming on down. :)

Thank you for coming out. It got crowded quick!

Whats a tracking thread again

Ok, I got more feedback for the people in the pattern vs you. 😬 Feedback for you, I’m going to refer to times in the replay so you can reference them:

  • 00:33 You should have issued a give way command to either me or NICK
  • 00:36 You told an aircraft to enter left base when they should have been told to enter straight in. You then could have waited a tiny bit more to issue the go around.
  • 00:38 Could have told N1QD no 2 since there was room.
  • 00:38 Since I (N1T3) passed the runway threshold, NICK would then become number 3 instead of no 4. Also you told VY 2828 to follow an aircraft on final when there was no aircraft on final.
  • 00:39 The extend downwind was very questionable but I understand it since he did not follow your sequence, could just resequence NICK no 2 though because your extend downwind created a conflict with N1QD.
  • 00:43 You should have told NICK to go around instead of let him land while an aircraft is still on the runway, Pilot should have initiated a go around as well.
  • 00:46 You should have told me to enter right downwind 31L not 31R when I requested a change to 31R. No need to clear me to land after you already cleared me for the option, sorry for the confusion with my incorrect runway in my report position.
  • Good use of anticipated seperation on takeoff and sequencing was ok, overall.

That’s all I could spot for you as of now, I can send you my replay if you’d like if the times don’t match up. Keep practicing, I read some of your feedback on your other thread and it seems you’re definitely improving! :)


Thank you for the thorough review and for your time. The times do match up. While NICK put a monkey wrench into part of the session he added a bit of pressure to the situation making this a really great practice session (so thank you NICK!) To tell you the truth, I basically got flustered when the 3-4 aircraft were turning final around the same time.

He was going quite fast, by the time I saw him rushing to cut in front of you I couldn’t get to the command fast enough.

Understood. I didn’t realize you were past the threshold, I was still trying to figure out what NICK was doing.

Here I was think what the heck is he doing, i needed a “follow instructions” command! Without that, other then resequencing, would go around been more appropriate because the spacing was off?

Understood. I got flustered and missed that I left the aircraft there.

Yes, I mis-clicked too compounding the problem.

Just slow down, no need to rush. You issued an exit, I would have issued the go around first then the exit.

I’d just resequence NICK no 2 and N1QD no 3, nothing else. Spacing at that time looked fine when they were both on base, NICK just didn’t follow the sequence at all. To his defense the sequencing was a tiny bit confusing before that because there was only 2 ahead of him yet he was sequenced no 4 and cleared no 4.


8L/R arrivals/departures
until 2019-03-24T13:15:00Z

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until 2019-03-24T14:30:00Z

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Thanks for the ATC @lurker!
I think you know what happened, so I probably don’t need to say anything. Overall, nice job!

Yes, thanks for your patience!

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Until 2019-03-24T20:00:00Z or so

One more round at Honolulu. It is beautiful.

PHNL until

Until 2019-03-29T21:00:00Z

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Open at KPSP
Palm Springs

31L / 31 R
Patterns encouraged

Until 2019-03-30T21:00:00Z or so

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Until 2019-03-31T01:15:00Z

Ft Lauderdale International
Until 2019-03-31T12:45:00Z

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I crashed, but I had to go so oh wells. But overall from what I saw good use of commands and controlling! Good job!

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Except for the 2 mixing ups (which was my mistake at the practical ^^) everything was fine with my flight :D
I trained to point on the aircrafts and choose then what to say :D maybe this helps you 2 :D
Greetz 2507

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Thank you for coming! Two southwests and enough activity that the strips changed order. This is what practice is for!