Lurkerboy ATC tracking thread [Closed]

Open at FLL
Arrivals/departures 10L/10R
11:45am to 12:30pm EST
1645z to 1730z


Thanks for following the correct format first time (loads of people don’t)! I’m sorry I can’t come since I’m going out!

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On my way. - BCHASER

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Thanks for coming out

Pilot: Balloonchaser
Callsign: BCHASER

Aircraft: C208



  • You handled the transition perfectly! (3,500 was perfect for that airport (3-4k))
  • The First pattern went smooth & I was met with commands that I liked to hear…


  • On my second pattern, you told me “Cleared To Land” when I was planning on continuing patterns…

  • You sent the “Exit Runway Command” when I was already basically off of the runway… If I’m already that far off of it, just send the “Contact Ground on ###.##)” command. (As you actually don’t have to send the exit runway command)

You did a really good job… I was going to taxi back to the runway to fly more patterns after I landed but I didn’t know if you had to leave or something…

Awesome work!

Thank you for the feedback.

You did a nice job controlling @lurker, only had time for 1 pattern, sorry

One quick question- when you made the transition, was it best to enter you into the right downwind for 10R or should I have sent you to 10L given there were two planes using 10R?

Since I had already transitioned over the airport, it was the better move to send me to 10R. If needed, you could always tell me to make Left traffic for 10L after my first pattern

Open at FLL
Arrivals/departures 28R/L
9:15pm to 10:00pm EST
215 to 300z

Open at KPSP
Arrivals/departures 13R/L
9:00am EST to 9:30am EST
1400z to 1430z

Open at ORBI
Arrivals/departures 15L/R
0100z to 0200z (8pm to 9 EST)
Patterns welcome.

Thank you to all those who cane out. Sorry about the conditions, I think that was a sandstorm!

Departures/Landing 8L/R/9

7:45 - 8:30 EST
0045 to 0145z
26R/L arrivals and departures

Open at VHHH

1430Z to 1515Z (9:30a to 10:15EST)
Arrivals/departures 7R/L

Open at LGAV
2100z to 2145z

Gonna swing by for the last 15min.


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Thank you for coming!

Sorry for the terrible patterns haha. Wanted to give you some traffic but was having to multitask while I was up