Luqa ATC doesn’t instruct pushback

Hi all!
I don’t know if this is the place to post this but as a local to LMML I wanted to point this out.

I noticed that ATC was giving pushback clearance in LMML. When realisitically we don’t do thar here! We request taxi and do a 180 right turn, not pushback!

I just wanted to address this. Again I apologose if this isn’t where this post goes.


Hey there! If you’d like to contact the controller about this, pm @azeeuwnl, he was the controller at the time

Oh no this is just for all controllers. Just to keep up realism that’s all.


Sorry for any inconvenience. Unfortunately, on infinite flight, some realistic procedures are aborted, especially with huge loads of aircraft.

Also, since ATC opens different airports everyday, a lot don’t know all the procedures of that specific airport each day.

Thanks for your understanding.

Will send you Direct Message