Lunch with an Airline Pilot

Hi Community, Last Friday myself, my brother and my Friend Matt who is an airline pilot flew into KTXK for an overnight trip. He texted me in the morning asking if I was available for lunch and of course I said yes and told him I’d be down in an hour. Leaving school since I didn’t have class, we drove the hour down and picked him up at his hotel. After talking for a bit we decided to get lunch at a biter place that has great fresh burger and fries. After eating we talked aviation and asked what our future aviation goals were. I learned a lot about how the airlines operate and what it takes to be an airline pilot. I encourage everyone who’s an aspiring pilot to talk to one and get knowledge. Meeting up with him made my week and was truly one of the greatest experiences I’ve had.


Cool, you guys are twins!


Yep we’re twins. Good catch

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Nice job. Looks like a cool place for lunch as well. Can you say what Airline your friend flys for and what aircraft he is flying at present?

It was a very cool place and good food as well. He’s a first officer for Envoy Airlines flying the E145. Envoy is American Airlines regional


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