Lunch flight in a Cessna 172

October 28th,2017, Myself, brother and a friend of mine decided to fly up to KFYV to visit our state university and get lunch. The flight was great and ate some good food. So today I was looking up on FlightAware my tail number on FlightAware and noticed my flight was tracked on FlightAware. While there is many possibilities on what I think it is, I want to know what the other pilots or ATC opinions on this. * serious answers only please.


I love how many lunch flights you guys do, enjoy the next flight!


The man is attempting to start a civilized discussion, reread topic.

“Serious answers only please” Use the flag feature irma theirs a problem. No need to post it.

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And that’s why I deleted my post

Anyways, back on topic, @N1DG I hope you enjoyed your flight (and lunch). Pretty neat that it got on FlightAware!

Sorry but my favourite thing to do is eat food whilst cruising thousands of feet above people. You’re just too lucky. I have ideas what to do if I ever have a banana in a C172


Most flights are tracked on flight aware GA and Commercial

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most I’ve got 100 hours in this plane and have not once showed up until now

Are you sure? Because EVERY single flight we take in our 208 is tracked. Did you do something diffrent this time in terms of filing your FPL?

I’m 100% sure. It could have been an ATC thing. Didn’t file a flight plan but did have VFR flight following.

Oh that’s it maybe…?

Do you own the plane? Check maintenance log to see if ADS-B was installed.

I hope you enjoyed your lunch flight! Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun in the air! Any football talk or just enjoying the view and having some lunch?

No. dont own the airplane. I rent from an individual who is a certified AP. Im almost certain ADS-B hasnt been installed but could be wrong. Will have too check

Really was a trip just too hangout and gain flight time while having lunch

Awesome! How many flight hours do you have in the 172? Forgive me if it’s written in your profile.

ive got about 100 hours in that particular airplane with about 230ish hours total time

Nice job! Well, before the Gulfstream, I had 600 FH on the 172 and 150 on the 208, so let me know when you catch up! I’m positive that you will sometime soon

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