Lunar Eclipse + CRJ1000

In a couple of hours, the lunar eclipse is going to happen for North America, South America, part of Europe, part of Africa, East Pacific, and the whole Arctic ocean will experience this unless the mother nature tries to block it. In the photo below, the blood moon is on the tip of CRJ1000. The photo is edited because IF does not have an eclipse system.

  • This eclipse is known Super Wolf Blood Moon.
  • Right now, the moon is at perigee.
  • This is very rare to have super wolf blood moon, so see it tonight, or in the morning.

Half way reading that I got so hyped and was about to go on solo and change the time… until I saw the second part … 😂


Lol, sorry about that. Maybe you can request for that.

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Are you sure they don’t render the lunar eclipse? It’s a pity if they don’t…😞. If they do please send screenshots as what you edited looks awesome!