In case anyone was wondering what Lukla looked like:

I don’t think the slope is reproduced in the IF airport . Correct me if I am wrong!


In IF the way terrain works is that all airports are flat. It would take a whole rework of scenery and terrain to get the uneven runway.


Unfortunately, he’s right. IF just can’t produce an uneven runway with out a rework of all the scenery in IF. I suppose this could happen, although it probably won’t for a very long while.

The posts above me are both correct. At the moment though, you could vote for this feature request and hopefully someday it will be added.

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And didn’t Swis001 say it was always foggy there?

I think this is more about time though. I’m sure IF will add it when they get the chance. And to @Vidal99977, I’m not @Swiss, I’m a ripoff. Sorry. Doesn’t mean I can’t help people though… right?

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I actually meant the real Swiss lol

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Ohhhh yeahhh, I remember that from the last time he flew there…

Thats true, it is about time, because these kinds of runways are pretty complicated, and I think it might take a while to get the elevation of the slopes right.

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Exactly. If you want to fly to Lukla, go to X-Plane, or any other simulator.

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