Lukla-Style Baby!!!

I suppose this is something to think about while serving as a question towards our G.O.A.T. developers. Would it be possible to recreate runways that are well known for NOT being flat and easy runways to land on? For example, Lukla. We all know that this airport is known for being very difficult to land at…not just because it is very small size and high up in elevation, but because it is SLOPED. Now making my question more specific, would it be possible to recreate runways to make them sloped? Would the physics and texture of IF allow someone to make it possible? Who knows? Maybe this is a stupid question. However, I looked for topic titles like this before asking this question and I found none. So, I thought It wouldn’t hurt to ask. To everyone on the IF stafff, thanks so much for all you do to make this as realistic and enjoyable as possible.

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I think this is a great idea. Maybe put it in the features section?

I believe that WED, the tool we use to edit airports, doesn’t allow this.

I might be wrong though

That’s actually something to look forward to!

Go and vote here:

Moved to Features. Thanks for the suggesting @FraserH99 :)

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A sloped runway request is already in the works and has been discussed. I think it comes down to a developer’s issue. This one already has my vote.

This would currently be hard to implement due to the current low-resolution terrain data Infinite Flight uses. If Lukla wasn’t currently flat and followed the terrain, it would probably be at roughly a 70 degree angle (guess)

Maybe in the future Infinite Flight will provide higher resolution terrain like X-Plane does, and will be able to provide sloped airports.

@Artem_F @Vosfihalo. Great. Thanks guys/galls. Honestly didn’t see that post or I wouldn’t have made the topic.

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WED does have the option to enable sloped airports, since WED is made by Laminar (X-Plane).

It’s just Infinite Flight doesn’t support it yet.

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It’s my top vote. If i had only 1 vote to cast, it would be for this.

Heh, so true though. I believe the devs will get there with time. I wouldn’t expect them to make all the runways in the entire IF world the exact length and slope. That would take months I am sure. just the iconic ones. Know what I mean?

Fair enough 👍🏼

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